Your Blog Name Decides Who Your Blog Is

December 20, 2009

Many of you may treat your blog simply as a blog. And before you all say that chickens are flying, the world is coming to an end if a blog is not a blog, I admit that, technically, a blog is a blog. We should all keep that in mind in our normal life, lest we spend too much time on our blogs. Even if you work full time on it, I would still advise you to not let your blog control your life, but instead control you blog. However, I am speaking from the standpoint when you are working on your blog.

A Blog is More Than Just a Blog

People, maybe you are including, treat their blog as if it doesn’t really matter, they don’t really care about their content, etc. It’s just a blog, after all.

However, if you want to be successful, and if you don’t want to be than I strongly suggest that you quickly navigate away from the page and turn to something that interests you, since I only want to give you content that is useful. If you are wasting time with something that is not useful, we are simply losing time.

In real life, I concede, a blog is a blog. It’s silly, irrelevant, etc., unless your blog is extremely useful, in which case you probably shouldn’t be wasting your valuable blogging time here.

On the internet, though, a blog is EVERYTHING. As Darren Rowse points out in this video, you may be on other sites, called “outposts,” but you are judged by your “home base” which is your blog. It is what you are known by; your reputation, your position on the internet, and more directly affecting your life, your income.

Your Blog Title

Your reputation is what drives traffic to your site. If you have a great reputation and are well respected, then people will probably check you out. However, if you have a bad reputation, then why would anyone waste their time?

Yes, a lot of that reputation stems from your content, and that is the most important thing, bar none. If people like your content, though, and tell other people about it, they will most likely mention the name.

Imagine if someone told you to visit a blog about blogs called aBlog. While it may be a creative name, in my opinion, people won’t take you seriously if you don’t have a good name.

People Judge a Book by It’s Cover

I know that it is repeated all the time to not judge a book by its cover. However, as human beings, we always have an opinion. For example, if you saw a book cover which was blank, you would probably not want to buy it. If it had an awesome title, however, a cool picture, you might want to buy it.

You are Selling a Product

Even if you are not physically selling a product, you need to think of your blog as a business, as if you are selling something. Your blog is the product. If you saw a commercial which advertised a product called “cheesy cheese,” would you buy it when you wanted cheese? I didn’t think so. People go to the internet because they want to have fun and value. If your blog title isn’t good, then people will most likely be running away: There are plenty of blogs with great titles, just as there are plenty of products with great titles. Even if you have great content that people are raving about, there are plenty of sites like that. People will flock to the good names and the bad names will be left in obscurity. You will never become a HUGE success.

So, what do you want to be remembered for?

Update: I made a video on this.