Twitter Search

December 8, 2009

As I go on Twitter more and more, and I’m on it a lot these days, I’m constantly discovering new features. One that I’ve found to be one of the most useful so far is called Twitter Search. Here’s my guide to how it works. Also be sure to check out this video, made by Common Craft.

  • Everyone is on Twitter, and since it makes up a large percentage of the population, if you look at all of their tweets together, you can see people, news, and trends

People love finding out about other people. You may be skeptical at first, but it is the truth that there are people on Twitter who genuinely hear what you want to say. However, on Twitter, you don’t talk normally, but 140 characters at a time. This uniqueness makes people get straight to the point, which is a rare practice among bloggers. People feel empowered by knowing that other people want to hear what they have to say, and they love documenting their life. Another great benefit is that not only do people read your tweets, but you read other peoples. Since so many people are on Twitter, it has become a great way to find people, news, and trends. The reason for this is that, first, for people, that is, all that we have tweeting. (Well, actually we have programmed computers, too, now!) If you want to find anything out about anyone on Twitter, just follow their tweets. Also, all tweets are technically news. Of course, I’m using the term ‘news,’ loosely, but what someone may find boring another might find interesting and exciting news! If you put all the tweets together, you will be able to see the news of the world. And finally, maybe it should be number one, trends. Trends are what everyone wants these days. People want the newest and coolest stuff/news/etc. With Twitter, the most commonly used tweets go on a sidebar on your Twitter page, so that you can know what people are tweeting about.

  • Twitter search captures all of the tweets together and categorize them. It lets you search for tweets that are relevant to your search term

One of the great things about Twitter is that it let’s us capture this important information in real-time. It is done with a program called Twitter Search, and whenever you enter in a search term, it takes you to most relevant and updates to date tweets involving that term. For example, let’s a customer wants to buy a mouth piece from a store called Marilyn’s Mouth Piece’s. By entering in the search term, the newest results would come up. It would let her see what people think of the mouth pieces, their news, and the trends that seem to go on in her store. You can also save the search to track results over time.

This new technology makes it easy for you to find the hottest things, the latest news, and what individual people are saying about a certain topic. Twitter search is certainly a great tool which you can use to your advantage, and keep up to date. So, see you on Twitter, and bye!