RSS Feed

December 1, 2009

There is a very useful tool on the internet these days that you may not be taking advantage of (if you already use RSS Feed, then this post is not for you).

It is called RSS Feed, short for Really Simple Syndication.

What it does is very, obviously, really simple! The first thing that you have to do is obtain to a reader. I suggest Goggle Reader.

Once you have your reader, then go to your favorite blogs/newspapers (this blog, for example). There should be a link somewhere on the site which says RSS Feed. There is also an icon for it that looks like this: (insert RSS Feed picture here).

Simply click on it. Then one of two things will come up:

The first is a list of different readers. Once you have found the reader that you use, click it, and then it will take you to the reader. After that, hit the subscribe button, and then all the new things on that page will automatically come in.

Before, you had to go to all of your favorite blogs and news sites to get the newest information. That is what I did until I watched this.

Before you had to go to all of your favorite blogs and news sites to get the newest information. That is what I did until I watched that video, and I highly suggest you watch it; Lee really does a great job with his videos. That wastes valuable time, which is something that no one likes. Now ,the posts come to you, making for a much easier and enjoyable experience.

All that you have to do is choose a reader. I suggest Google Reader, but any of them works. Then, go to your favorite blogs and news sites and look for either a orange icon with white lines through it or something that says something like “Hey, subscribe to my feed!”

After you click on one of those, you will be taken to one of two pages. The first is a page which will ask which reader you use. Simply click on the reader that you use, and you will be taken to the your reader. Click on “subscribe,” and all of the new posts from that blog/news site will go straight to your reader. The other will be a coded document, which may look a little confusing. Don’t worry: Copy the html and paste it into your add subscription button in your reader, and you will get all the ‘news.’

Another great feature on Google Reader (I’m not sure if it’s on the other Reader’s, since I don’t use them) is the “bookmark subscription,” which allows you to subscribe to your bookmarks. This will also save you a chunk of time because you won’t have to go to your favorite websites everyday.

Also, before you had to bookmark your favorite pages or pages that you wanted to come back to. Now, Goggle Reader, a staple of Goggle now, let’s you star those pages, for easier access, because they would get mixed up with the front pages of sites to get to quicker, but not to get to specific posts.

I hope that you get Google Reader, see you tomorrow, and bye!


Hello World!

November 24, 2009

Hello world, my name is Daniel Johnston, and this is my brand new blog which will give you easy advice on technology. I am not going to try to overtake guru’s like Darren Rowse and Brian Clark. Instead, I will not get as involved, but will still try to reach the same goal; helping you with technology, and, to be more specific, blogs. I will still cover other things, as well, though, and the topics can range from how to turn on your computer to search engine optimization. I’m sorry if some of the beginning posts are a little dull. I’m sure some of you will enjoy them and will be able to save you a lot of time and money. I am a 12 year old kid, but have been working with technology for years and have lately started to get more involved. However, I have been maintaining websites for five years, and have been running active blogs for four years. Two of those websites happened to become quite popular, but I have now abandoned them for new and (in my mind) more productive blogs and websites. Aside from this one, I will also soon be running a website for a writing and reading blog and a personal development blog. I hope that this will allow me to make bi-daily posts on each blog, as well as videos, which I can not guarantee how often, because things always seem to go wrong when making them. Here are some topics that I will be covering in the near future:

  • What I don’t like about Apple products
  • What’s the deal with the new Google Chrome OS?
  • How do you turn your computer on?
  • Choosing what e-mail server to use
  • Social networking series
  • Digg
  • Wikis series
  • Flickr
  • RSS Feed series
  • Bookmarking
  • Cloud Computing
  • Podcasting
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • RSS Feed or E-mail Feed?
  • What is a blog?
  • What is the difference between a blog and a website?
  • Which should you have, a blog or a website?
  • The benefits of a blog
  • The benefits of a website
  • Bravenet review
  • Viviti review
  • Blogger review
  • WordPress review
  • The beauty of free bravenet web tools
  • Should you advertise?
  • How much money should you spend on advertising?
  • Widgets series
  • Adsense serires
  • “Spamsites”

Have a good day and have a good time using technology!