Choosing What E-Mail Server to Use

November 29, 2009

These days, barely anyone mails each other anymore. The mindset has switched to technology. Almost everyone and their mother has e-mail. And e-mails now are starting to become obsolete. Almost everyone has a blog these now (don’t feel badly if you don’t have one!). It is practically impossible to live without e-mail, but most people don’t really think about which e-mail server to use.

Considering that people people will spend so much time on their e-mail, you would think that they would really think about it.

Many people just pick what seems to ‘come’ to them, whether it’s what their friends or family use or what you see first.

It’s seems to me like it’s too big of a decision to leave to chance, so here are the e-mail servers and the advantages and disadvantages:

Microsoft Outlook Express: It may be one of the most commonly used e-mail services, mainly because it is normally placed right into your start menu. It is easy to use, and also has easy access on the internet. The only downfall is that it can be difficult to setup, and you may need some help, but I would highly recommend it. Eventually, I will make a post explaining it in more detail.

G-Mail: This is probably the most commonly used, and the one that I have recently switched to. It is certainly easy, since most people use Google as their default search engine, for reader, etc… It is, in my experience, the most easy to access, since it’s right there on Google.

Yahoo-Mail: If you use Yahoo instead of Google, then Yahoo-Mail is probably the one to go with.

Hot Mail: Not as easy to access, but fine if you don’t mind the extra work of changing websites!

Servers to avoid:

  • Ones in other countries. Until I switched to G-Mail recently, I had been using Bravenet Webmail, where I have created literally hundreds of websites. The only problem was that it was stationed in Canada. For three years, I had to go through lost e-mails, hours to send and receive e-mail, and all kinds of problems. I don’t know why I kept using it, but I sure would’ve been much better off had I not.
  • Ones that cost money. That’s a given; there is nothing more available now that is better than the free services I have already stated.

I can’t really think of anymore problems, but usually just using common sense will steer you away from anything bad.

Basically, it all comes down to just using what is most accessible.

So, what e-mail server do you use?