What’s the Deal with the New Google Chrome OS?

November 26, 2009

You may have heard of the new Google Chrome web browser. In fact, it is what I am using right now. The funny thing is that I didn’t learn about from the internet, but from Luke Laprasi, who is maybe even more of a computer nerd than me, who always tells everyone his favorite products. I was skeptical at first, I admit. Then, we were using our school’s brand new mini-computers (I just got my own yesterday!) on our Social Studies Wiki, when I decided to try it out. Immediately, I knew that I had found something that was amazing, and something that was going to improve my internet experience. It was simple, easy, and best of all, super fast. When I got home, I logged on to my laptop and downloaded it. I spent hours playing with it and figuring out all of it’s new features.

I don’t know for sure, but I assume that Google Chrome must’ve been pretty popular, because, as you probably know, they are making a computer, called the Google Chrome OS.

The OS is built around the same thing as Google Chrome is: It’s easy to use, and it’s super fast. As John Chow points out in this video, people spend most of their time on the internet.

However, the internet used to be slow, and the computers were designed accordingly. Now it’s fast, though, so Google decided to make a new computer which reflected that change.

Most people, when they turn on the computer, just want to get onto the internet, but the computer has to do other things, which take time to load.

The Google Chrome OS is different in that it is not stored on your computer, but instead the internet. That means that as long as you have internet access, you can access your computer, even from your phone.

Google has said that this isn’t intended to be people’s main computer, and it certainly shouldn’t be; there are important documents that only you should be able to have access to. Because, while it is secure, there are some things that you simply don’t risk.

For example, my dad, a psychologist, wouldn’t be aloud to use it because it has to be 100% secure.

I think that it could be a good addition if you have enough money to search the internet. In other words, you would search the internet on your OS, and do everything else on your regular computer.

So, what do you think of the OS (coming in 2010!)?

Update: I made a video about this:


The Problem with Apple Products

November 25, 2009

Hey guys, I know that I’m probably going to get I lot of grief from angry Apple lovers who read this, and I know that you are probably one of them, and I know that also probably makes it not such a smart idea for a first real post, but I’m going to inform you right away about my dislike  for their products, just so you’ll know that as I talk about products in the near future, so let’s go into it:

I understand that Apple works for many people, and if it works for you; that’s great; I’m not trying to stop that. The products are (I admit) easy, simple, smooth, and fast. I have always had a ton of computer problems; it seems like something is always going wrong, as a PC user. For example, as we speak, I have no laptop because of a problem with the motherboard causing  it to overheat. I have had it for a little under one year, and it has been broken the whole time. About a month ago, it started to get so bad that I couldn’t use. I am writing this on my NetBook, which can not run my complicated chess programs, doesn’t watch videos, etc. Sure, I can use my regular computer, but it is not very easy to access. Now, I am not complaining; I just want to show you what goes on with PC’s, because I have heard that Apple does not have any of those terrible problems.

Those are the reasons that most people like it, along with the fact that they have 100,000’s of Apps. I actually use ITunes, but I don’t really know who doesn’t anymore. Even my 54 year old dad has an IPhone.

Those, however, are exactly why I DON’t like Apple products. Apple gears them for simplicity, not business use. They simply do not have the tools that one needs need to get into complicated things. For example, it will not run chess engines. Apples are made for the casual user, not heavy duty computer users like me and you.

Did you ever notice that business owners often use Blackberry’s? Blackberry’s, unlike IPhone’s, have the tools that one needs to run a business.

Of course, the problem with Blackberry’s, PC’s, etc. is that they sometimes simply don’t work. That is the main complaint behind Microsoft, and the reason that everyday, people are converting to Apple’s products.

Since I am a lifetime Microsoft user, I’m used to all the problems, so they don’t really strike me as anything out of the ordinary, but I think that if Apple added all these complicated programs, unless you used a very expensive computer, there would be the same problem..

So, what do you use, Microsoft, Apple, or something different?