Finding Time to Work on Your Blog/Site

The other day, we looked at whether or not you have time for blogging. Now, we’ll look at some ways to find some extra time if you just don’t have the time (again; the time I gave yesterday was just a rough estimate that should not be used for any purpose in actually blogging, as there is no set time).

  • Get up Early (rather than going to bed late)—Getting up early instead of going to bed late can be very helpful. There are many distractions when people are up that aren’t there when they’re asleep.
  • Blog While You Eat—Of course, don’t take too much time away from your social life if you’re not comfortable with it, but eating at the computer can give you a bunch of extra time. Doing it during a lunch break at work is one of the best times.
  • Use Speech Recognition Software while doing Trivial Tasks—While doing trivial chores that don’t take much work or effort (such as making a bed), you can use speech recognition software to work on blog posts.
  • Develop Posts during Free Time at Work—A good time to develop posts in your head is during free time at work. I don’t recommend slacking off, but in times when you’re done and just sitting there, you may want to think of some ideas in your head; just be sure to not cross the line and do all that you always do at work; except during your breaks.
  • Take Notes—Choosing a blog niche that you do regularly is the best possible choice (it’s always very good to know what you’re talking about in the topic, or your blog won’t be useful) and tons of ideas could be found by taking notes on things such as problems you have and how you fix them.
  • Cut Out the Fat—Don’t cut down the quality of your life too much, but, for example, if you like blogging more than watching TV, then you could use some of the TV time and blog. It’s a matter of prioritizing.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at how often to post. To get the post quickly and easily in your feed, subscribe to my RSS!


One Response to Finding Time to Work on Your Blog/Site

  1. Jeremy Maez says:

    I think your blog is awesome. I found it on Yahoo. I am absolutely going to bookmark it.

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