Blog or Website?

Earlier today, we took a look at what a blog is. Now it’s time to see whether a blog or a website is right for you.

Which is Easier?

A lot of people make the argument that a blog is easier to use and set up, which I don’t personally agree with; there a lot of websites out there that allow you to create a website quickly and easily; without having to know HTML or CSS.

In fact, I think a blog is harder to run.


Creating a static website and setting it up will take longer in the beginning to get all your content out than it will to make a post on your blog.

But on a blog you’re posting all the time.

To make all of these posts will take a serious time commitment.


Because of the pleasure you get from hearing feedback from your readers, because you’re posting regularly you’re giving more value, and because the blogosphere is really a great place to be, blogging is a lot more fun than having just a website.

Besides, writing a post regularly should be fun if you choose the right topic.


With a website, the only real advantage is that it won’t take as long to run it.

My Opinion

I believe that you should have both a blog and a website.

The reason behind this is that when you have a website, you’re already delivering a lot of value, but when a blog is all you have, you have to be posting almost like a madman to get anyone to pay attention to you.

If you have a website and launch a blog on it, you won’t have the pressures of posting a lot because you already have great information on your website, but you’ll still get all the perks that go along with blogging.

2 Create a Website is a good example of this.


If you can post everyday or every other day, then it isn’t necessary to have a website, and in that case, I probably wouldn’t recommend having one, because the leverage you can create from a blog is amazing, but that is a challenge for most people. It all depends on your schedule and how much time you can put in.


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