Choosing a Blog Title Series

Hey guys, if you’ve ever started a blog, then you may be able to relate to the following experience:

You’re at your purchase, excited for your new blog. You’re already thinking of ways to customize it, make it better, dreaming up post ideas, etc. And then, you come across something in the form that stops you in your tracks: Blog Name.

People often get scared when they have to choose a blog name, because they know that it will define their blog, set them apart from all the rest.

In fact, I have noticed that it doesn’t really matter how good your content is if you don’t have a good title.

For example, imagine if Darren Rowse’s fabulous site, (insert link) was called something totally different, something really bad, let’s say ABlog. Most likely, no one would want to read a blog with such a lame name. However, since his name is good, relevant, etc., he uses that to leverage his blog when he’s advertising it.

It is a tough decision, so I’ve decided to make a series of posts about how to decide your blog name. I will put the links as they become available, good luck!


2 Responses to Choosing a Blog Title Series

  1. Dmytro says:

    Firstly, just wanted to note that domain names and titles also have to go together and be identical, or a shortened form for the domain name. People have to remember your blog not only for the title, but for the domain name. Having them identical is obviously useful. Your blog does not do this.

    Secondly, I have a divided opinion about titles.

    Yes, it’s important to have a good title because: that’s the first thing a person sees in search engines, when they go to your blog, and when others mention it. So it should make it’s content known right away. Conclusion: it’s *good* to have a good title. But not always necessary. Here’s why.

    Look at John Chow dot com ( – he used his personal name, instead of something like and look where he is now. It doens’t matter what the title is – as long as the content is good, readers will find a way to bookmark or remember it, don’t worry.

    Obviously it’s *better* to have a title like ProBlogger than ABlog, but even if it was ABlog, and it still had the same content, it would still be successful. Perhaps people wouldn’t refer to it as much, since ABlog sounds weird, but on the other hand, it still has the word “blog” in it (a key part of Darren’s blog obviously), is simple, and easy to remember! Now just style the title to make it more professional (from ABlog to aBlog) and there you go!

    • Yes, it’s definitely very important for your blog name and your domain to be the same, least people get confused, or think of it as two blogs, etc. I realize that my blog does not do this, and the reason for that is because when I started this blog I did not know that, and am switching to an independent domain name with, so I consider myself, switched, although it has not actually happened.

      And yes, it’s not necessary to have a good title, but it definitely helps, and I don’t know anyone who would want to go the longer route to make money. That’s why I am switching my domain name to something more reflective (don’t want to give it away because I have not actually registered it as of yet and I don’t want anyone to steal it).

      Of course, as I go on with the series, I will cover this. Thanks for the comment!

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