What is Twitter?

Today, almost everyone uses Twitter. Now that’s Oprah’s been on it, that automatically makes it popular. In fact, Oprah has a record 2.7 million followers. Even Miley Cyrus (500,000) doesn’t even come close. That may be the reason that you’ve heard of it. Maybe you even use it. But have you ever wondered: What is Twitter?

  1. 1. 140 characters per post

Twitter certainly differentiates itself from the pack with a maximum character length of 140 characters. I admit, this definitely poses some challenges, but the results of it are tremendous. It keeps people tweeting over and over again so their followers don’t miss anything, makes people get straight to the point (something most people would pay for us bloggers to do!), and it’s just different. When something that no one has ever seen the likes of before comes out, people tend to flock to it. It is definitely that way with Twitter.

  1. 2. Everyone is on Twitter—Oprah, Suze Orman, all the sports stars, etc.

I mentioned this earlier, but today, almost everyone is on Twitter. The saying ‘there’s power in numbers,’ is definitely true on the internet. The more traffic or the more people, the better. Anyone who you might want to follow is on Twitter. Soon, a baby game is now going to be linked to Twitter so babies can tweet. I can’t wait to see the results of that!

  1. 3. Fun

People, for better or for worse, love to have fun. In our eyes, the more fun, the better. Here are some fun things that you can do on Twitter:

  • Keep track of people’s lives between blog posts and e-mails—keep in touch, see aspects you’ve never seen before (Likes baseball, has a blog, etc.)
  • Get to see people’s entire lives, not just what they have time to tell you or what they think that you care about (Mowing the lawn, going to a football game)
  • Great way to make new friends—Since people on Twitter spend so much time together, they seem to create a bond. I can’t explain it, but I have definitely felt it towards the people whom I follow
  1. Easy—just type in; there’s no catch!

On some sites, you have to have a reputation, you have jump through hoops, etc. However, on Twitter, you’ll get followers quickly and it’s very easy to make tweets. It takes just a few seconds once you get the hang of it.

  1. Different ways to use Twitter

Another one of the many features of Twitter is that there are different ways to access it. Here they are:

  • Web
  • Phone
  • Almost everything has a app so that all your new activities can be automatically posted on Twitter

So, if you were wondering what Twitter was, now you know.


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