Twitter as a Marketing Tool

As you probably know, I have been really active on Twitter lately. And I mean really active. In less than three days on Twitter, I have already tweeted 114 times. Why do I do it?

Twitter is One of the Best Marketing Tools You’ll Ever Come Across

I know that the above statement is becoming almost a cliche, but it’s true. Aside from YouTube and maybe advertising, Twitter is by far the best marketing tool.


That is a common question, and a lot of people are skeptical about using Twitter because of it. I know I was. The reason why it’s so great is because:

1. People Love It

People really do love Twitter. It may only be the ones who work at home or on the computer or are sneaking onto it during their day-job or during the weekends, but that is really a whole lot of people. I have certainly become addicted to it, and I’m sure it’ll be hard for me to go to school tomorrow knowing that my loyal followers and the people that I follow are waiting for me to tweet and tweeting. There’s just something about getting all this useful information and piecing together people’s lives that is really fun. Maybe more importantly is that you do have followers who are waiting eagerly for you to tweet. It may seem odd, but it’s the truth. I’ll talk about how people find you on Twitter in a future post, but they do find you, and they do care about you, and there’s something empowering about that. Since people love it, they will be on it, and…

2. You are Being Followed

As I spoke about above, you do get followers. I’ll talk more about it later, but all of your tweets reach actual people, and for me the people that it reaches are more than the total visitors on this blog! I’ve also noticed that they do care about you and will not shy away from a discussion or question or concern, no matter how famous they are. When I first made my account, just a few seconds after I’d verified it, people were already following me! The word spreads quickly, so don’t get nervous if you have a lot of followers. Just pretend it’s you and the computer screen, and you should be okay. And…

3. They See All of Your Tweets

Yeah; that’s right; ALL of them. This may seem intimating at first, but if you really think about it, that really makes Twitter one of the most powerful tools possible for marketing. For example, let’s say that you’re marketing a blog. Every time something news worthy happens on your blog, you most you post it. Let’s say that you change your WordPress theme to thesis. Then, you tweet about it, giving a link to your blog.  This will dramatically increase your traffic because…

4. These People Really Do Care About You

I know that I’ve already touched on this, but I’ll touch on it again: The people following you really care about you. Why? I’m not exactly sure, but I know that I feel the same way about the people that I follow. Maybe it’s because we spend so much time together wasting time (LOL). Maybe it’s because we have enough conversations to be good friends. Maybe it’s because we basically live together. It’s probably a combination of all three, combined with the fact that I’ve never met a mean person on Twitter. That’s not to say that they’re not out there, because I’m sure they are, but if you spend any amount of time on YouTube, you’ll know that they’re a rough crowd. Twitter is nothing like that, but instead has an extremely fun atmosphere. If you provide a link to your website and these people see it, chances are good that they’ll click on it. Now, they won’t all click on it, because not a lot of people are on Twitter 24/7, but those who do see it probably will.

You can probably see by now that the more traffic you have, the better, especially if it’s from a Twitter follower. Follower’s also tend to take into account more your life and are more kind about your blog than people whom you don’t know. Better yet, if they like your blog, they will be sure to check out every link that you have, subscribe, and most likely retweet, since they already use Twitter.

Twitter is certainly a powerful tool if you use it right, and it’s also one of the many things about technology that’s really, really, fun!

Update: I made a video on this:


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