Should You Social Network? Part Two

This is a continuation of this post yesterday:

2. Do you want to?

I know this seems like an easy question, but really look at your life: What do you want to with it?

I know that people find social networking fun, but sometimes people have things that they would rather be doing than networking. Now, I am not saying that you shouldn’t social networking, but there are often things that are more fun than being on your computer.

I have met many a people who constantly complain about their life, their family, their job, etc. and they are on sites like Facebook. If you are going to complain about your life, then you should be spending time doing things that would make your life better. Social networking may be fun while it lasts, but things that will make your whole life better are actually more fun, and if you have things that you can do, then that is what you should be doing.

This isn’t easy, and for tips on personal development, go to (insert link here), and soon I’ll have up a personal development blog up.

3. Do you do it for your blog/website/etc.?

Many people are on websites like these only because they want to increase traffic/sales/etc., or at least that’s what people think they’re doing there.

In the midst of trying to make a better business, many people get distracted. It is a lot easier than we think to trick our brians. For example, aren’t you always surprised when you really hear your voice? I was extremely surprised. The reason that there is a different is because we change our voices internally. We trick our earbuds, and change our voice to what we want.

It is true with other things.

We think that we are doing things for one reason, when we really do things for another.

In social networking, this is very true. Sure, people may really want to better there business, but then they start to do things and try build relationships. They may reconsile with themselves that if people like you, they will search wherever you want them to.

While this may be true, as Darren Rowse has said, once you have a good blog, it is only a matter of time before people start liking it. While it is good to spend time on these sites, it while only giv e you a few views/subscriptions if you really think about it. Therefore, it is smart to limit the time that you spend on these sites if you are doing it for your business.

It is far better to use your time to better what you are trying to get views/sales/etc. or to do something you like better (2.), unless your really enjoy it.

Tomorrow, I will finish the “Should You Social Network?” series with some final thoughts.


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